Agility in corporate culture – How to make culture tangible

In times of digital transformation, not only are technologies, structures and processes affected by change. Ultimately, an organization must also deal with changes in cultural terms. But what does culture have to do with digitization and issues such as agility? And how can culture be made tangible if it is such an abstract topic? So

Make Leadership tangible: Workshop experiences with CEOs from East Africa

When it comes to leadership it is not easy to analyze how a team is really organized and lead. The danger lies in having discussions that are not specific and do not get to the important points – or sometimes to the ugly truth. For this purpose we developed the leadership canvas with which we

Effiziente Teams

Herausforderung Teamarbeit  Teams stehen oftmals vor verschiedenen Herausforderungen: Unklare Projektsteuerung: Prioritäten werden nicht klar gesetzt – mehr Planung als Arbeit. Fehlende Effizienz: Angefangene Aufgaben werden nicht beendet – Zeit ist immer knapp. Schwerfällige Kommunikation -Es gibt viel Austausch, aber wenig klare Entscheidungen. Hohe Belastung: Immer mehr Aufgaben – man könnte die Teamgröße verdoppeln. Unsere Leistungen